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“From small beginnings come great things”, so it has been with Rise DMJ Logistics Sdn Bhd.


Rise DMJ Logistics Sdn Bhd are highly committed to add to our comprehensive range of value-added services. Established since 2007, Our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable, cost efficient and professional logistics services in the industry by approaching their needs and satisfaction in our proposition: Our Team For Your Efficiency.

Prompt delivery, safety, good long-term business relationship with our customers, guaranteed great quality and services to our customers gaining their confidence and satisfaction with our business in long run.

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We will make efforts continuously in improvising the quality of our personnel and raise our working standards efficiency by making the most effective combination and potential investment in hope to provide the safest and best services.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team strives to consistently plan for our manpower sourcing, trucks availability to suit our customers demands, planning arrangements in order to provide the best services in town.